Monday, December 14, 2009

Type B

Good news!!! Last Saturday was my last driver's ed drive! I spent two hours driving on the high way and I didn't crash! Ya Me! lol
Bad news I still don't have my permit. Apparently my mother wants to wait until she gets the title of her new car so she can go to the DVM to get her licence plate at the same time I go get my permit.
Whatever! Eventually the woman will have to go to the freaken DVM during winter break (I hope to GOD!)
Anyway, school has been... well school. Same faces everyday with not so much exciting details to mention except one of my best friends and I (while being bored and hell) came up with two categories to place everyone in the world. Type A and Type B. Now which one do you think you are?
Type A is almost everyone in the world. It's pretty much a sheep. A random face in the crowd. Someone not at all different. Mentally. Type B is someone genuinely different. No. not the people who dress up in weird cloths or all in black or cuts themselves or whatnot. No... those people are definitely Type A's big time. Actually they're the worse kind! The Type A's that desire to be Type B's. Type B's do not try to be different (actually some even try not to be) they just are. They can look like anybody, act like anybody, you see it's all in the mind. Mentally they think differently then everybody else they know. They are the spots of colors here and there in a boring gray crowd of people. You see? They don't mean to be different they just... are. ^_^
I'm a definite Type B and so are my two best friends. We've been best friends for a while now and we haven't ever really fought or distrusted one another. It's great and I am thankful for their friendship.
Now on to some important business to take care of...
Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! Yes, yours truly is turning 17 on Tuesday! Bejesus the year went by fast! You know i don't feel all that different... actually sometimes I feel still 12 years old and yet other times I catch myself becoming a 50 year old surrounded by a bunch of 5 year olds (even my parents make me feel that way at times) I guess it's just complicated or it's just these teenage hormones! To believe in just one more year... I'll be 18 years old. Ha! I'll be freaken 18 year old with a 12 to 50 year old mind. Funny... and sad at the same time. Tomorrow one of my best friends and I will ride the bus to my house, we'll hang out, then when every one's ready my parents will pick up my other best bff and my bff's little sister (she's only 14 but she's sweet, she reminds me of the lil sister I sometimes wished i had) and we're all heading to The cheesecake factory. it's going to be great, I'm not that much of a party girl, all i need if my family and a few of my close friends with me to have a happy 17Th birthday... I know I am such a dork. Or maybe I'm just a true Type B...
Crap I got to go I need to go back to school in a bit for a stagecraft performance anyway talk to you later!