Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Break

Yesterday was finals and guess who got the second best score on her final in their AP Lit. class??? Me. Surprisingly. I know what you're thinking... second best isn't such a big deal. but it is if it means, besides one other girl that got only 2 questions right then I did, that I did better then everyone else in my class. I mean it's AP Lit. meaning the whole class is filled with brains who see B's as D's and C's as F's. I got a better score then those perfect girls with the bows in their hair who are in show choir and cheer of pom and with perfect hair. I did better then them... Well, you could just imagine my face when my teacher told me I got the second best score in the class. I looked like I was just proposed to by the very hot Korean boy band SS501. It was surreal as I walked off in a daze and began to suppress the strange urge to break dance (which would be weird on account of I don't know how to so it would probably turn out looking more like I was having a seizure).
I won't be able to find out my grades until I get them in the mail later in the break I'm assuming but I do know I might end up taking Saturday school to make up the D I know I'll end up getting in Geometry... If I knew I could get away with it (and if I had no conscience because I know I would end up feeling bad eventually) I would shoot almost everyone in my class because if it wasn't for their crap I had to suffer every week day then I would have gotten at least a freaken C in the class. Bejesus! They all just couldn't shut the fuck up for one minute for me to concentrate and there were many times where I almost ended up picking a fight with them. I mean just because they are all content to spend their lives as future McDonald employees doesn't mean they have to drag me down with them.
Last year I had to go to summer school because of a horrible teacher now I probably end up doing it again because of a horrible class.
Well now on to better news. I will be finally taking my permit test this Tuesday. Thank the lord! i also received my grades for driver's ed and in the class course I ended up with an A and a B+ on my driving (apparently I was too fast for my driving instructor but I never lost control but I will never tell my parents this little detail because the last thing my parents need to hear is that I like driving fast).
Well that's it for today I'm gonna go try to get past my writer's block and resume writing my novel.wish me luck!