Friday, January 29, 2010


Life's never been on my side to say the least but this past month have been pretty good. I've done everything I can to stay true to my resolutions:
My school work: All my classes have been fine and good yet sadly I do have a C in Spanish which considering that I am Mexican is sort of embarrassing (not my fault I am too much drooling on my desk to listen (note: I don't really do that!) to notice what she's saying most of the time but no worries it's a high C so I can easily bring it up if I start getting some sleep during the night. Oh, and I almost forgot. Guess who got an A on her last test last week in Geometry??? ME! Thank the Lord He heard my prayers for the first time in 17 freaken years!
My weight: Well, i don't have a scale or anything but my legs do look better in my skinny jeans (at least that's what my mother keeps mentioning) which isn't so surprising since i was on the treadmill all freaken month. This week alone have I not been on the tred on account of last Sunday. My friend and I were at my house spending the day together to work on our project. When dinner time came my mother walks into the den and asks if we want pizza (i guess she felt being generous because my friend was there and I had been on the tred consistently every night for the past month). We said sure and so she gets us two large cheese and veggie pizzas and I practically eat about 75% of the veggie pizza (I know WTF??? But I hadn't had pizza in the longest of times). Anyway, I completely went over board so after an hour more spent on our wretched Lit. project about The Grapes of Wrath... I run on that tredmill like a rocket! I actually am so into the whole thing I go over my 30 minutes and do almost a whole hour (NON-FREAKEN-STOP!!!) while my best friend just watches me go with popped out eyes and gaping. I'm practically a waterfall by the time I finally get off and I actually fall to the ground and rasping water to my friend and so she runs off to get me some. Once she hands it to my I chug it down like freaken dear life and then I have the audacity to ask more and being a helpful friend she gets me more and then I chug it down again at an even faster speed while my friend begins to warn me to slow down... But do I listen? Nope.
And boy should I.
I assume most of you are have already predicted where this is all going to lead... huh? Well, I obviously didn't.
By the time I get halfway finished I suddenly feel a... sort of clomp in my chest. Like a brick almost, stuck in my bloody rib cage! It almost hurts. It does make me begin to panic (and my friend too when she notices my scared expression) to the point that i have to lay back down again and start to feel the water actually gurgling in my throat!
And then I get that bittersweet taste in my mouth...
And I'm like "OH, SHIT!!!" and i run towards the bathroom and to the toilet just in time to barf water and veggie pizza.
Of course my mother sees all of this to the point that I have to yell "Go away!" and kick the door shut in her face which she only opens it a sec later to watch some more, the weirdo. Later in the car when dropping my friend off to her house she tells me she only "forced" herself to watch me because she wanted to make sure I didn't faint.
"Last thing I want is for your head to fall in the toilet and literally drown in your own barf!" She tells me shrilly.
I just accused her of enjoying the view because she use to be bulimic when I was in elementary until something happen to her jaw which unable her to open her mouth really, really wide. I said to her "Just admit it, mother. You liked watching me barf my guts out. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if while you watched me you had the sudden urge to throw on a cheer uniform and pom poms and start yelling "That's my girl! Like mother like daughter!" To this she actually laughed and called me crazy.
Well... like mother like daughter.
Looking back the whole situation was quite funny if I do say so myself. I mean I did (not intentionally like my older sister claims to differ!) put myself into the situation.
And last but not least... boys: This, sadly yet not surprisingly, I have only increased. You know the boy that walked away? Yeah, I'm still thinking about him and it's been about 8 months since I've spoken to him. Pathetic? I know you don't have to tell me. And what's worse is that my stupid school is having their first Sadie Hawkins Dance! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!
Oh, bejesus. Too bad there's only one boy I want and I already know what his answer would be. I'm surprised every time I see him he doesn't run away screaming.
I hate love and love hates me.