Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Day Of Summer. (insert horror flick girl scream here)

There is only a few hours of summer left for me I am sad to say. Pissed off actually. But I always am so that isn't new.

Anyway, tomarrow I will see him. The boy that walked away from me on the last day of school. What will happen when i first see him. Will he say something? Apoligize maybe? Say he doesn't feel the same way? Or try to act normal and pretend it never happen? Or worse... ignore me...

This is what I'll be freaking out about the whole night. Yup, while everyoone on this side of the world is sleeping I will be freaking out about him. And, yeah, everything else i always freak about on the last night of summer.

Who's in my classes, who's in my lunch hour, are my friends going to be in my classes, will people i hate be in them instead? That sort of things. Oh, bejesus! Why is it that i hate drama but it always seems to find me?

Crap i just copied that off a movie. Anyway, wish me luck...

Psh, I'm screwed.