Friday, August 7, 2009

Bloody Enrollment!

After returning from Mexico and finally seeing one of my best friends after 5 weeks and feeling very sisterhood of the traveling pants here... School's going to start soon.

I only have 6 days of summer left and I am freaking out! Yesterday, was enrollment. Oh the forbidding, dreaded enrollment. Seeing classmates after a long peaceful summer and having to pretend you missed them.

I didn't.


I was still in the car while my mom was trying to find a stupid parking and i had already saw three people i didn't much prefer to see. And the lines! The long ass lines that take FOREVER! That placed in hot, sweaty, stinky, no air conditioned hallways... it's a very rude awakening to a kid after a wonderful summer.

Enrollment is a time for questions because it's a new grade and every kid has them. My mother didn't much agree with me though. Shocker.

My mother can be very selfish at times and yesterday was one of those times. We started the day being already late to enrollment because she had to freaken clean the house (like the house couldn't wait!). Then when we were getting me a class shirt she got stuck picking between a small or a medium. She was all like " the medium is so big! My daughter's not that big. you're not that big! Let me see the small... oh this looks right. (She glances at the two girl I knew from school that were at the booth and selling them) Wait, are you two wearing a small? (The two girls nod) Oh, no this could never fit you! it's too small!"

oh hell why doesn't the women just say to the whole student body and their parents that "hey everybody, I have a fat daughter!"

Afterwards, because i had no idea where my freaken classed were i was looking for someone who could possibly show me around but my mother was being a total bitch and whining about this and that and wanting to leave. I was sick of it! I was sick of her! I was already sick of seeing faces I really hadn't wanted to see and still don't want to see. Let's face it I would have been happy if I never saw those people again. Especially, one face.

A boy's face. A certain boy that I have given several nicknames to in the past but have finally come to one that finally suits him. Rodent!

You see Rodent and I became friends during the beginning of 7th grade and then after winter break I was suddenly overcome by strange feelings for him. Suddenly I was beginning to adore his slightly high, awkward tone of voice, his baby brown eyes and i would just love how his cheeks were always the same rosy shade of pink. He was so adorable and reminded me of a cute little animal. A critter. A Chipmunk, actually. And so i started calling him that, which he hated but it was all in good fun. But in the middle of eight grade for some stupid reason I told Rodent that I liked him more then a friend. By doing that I pretty much messed up our friendship big time. The easy friendship started to crumble in on itself. Ever since I started calling him Chipmunk we had always been teased when we were together. We had always ignored it in the past but after I told him what all his friends had said about us was true... it got to him. I guess he couldn't handle the teasing anymore, espeacially when everyone started noticing my weight gain.

I was hurt and mad. I know i should have ended our friendship once i started hearing what they were calling us (note: i refuse to repeat the names) but some part of me just didn't want to let go. But then his sister got involved (note: there is no way in hell that I am i ever going to repeat what happen) and after that happen... I couldn't even look at him.

So for months I stayed away from him, when I saw him in the halls I'd run the other way. Not of fright (please, he's just like 5'6 or so, I'm more scared of his sister) but out of embarassment and hate. When i see his face I get mad and angry. I"m just full of hate and I need to punch something really bad. Pretty much I only run away because I don't want to accidently commit murder. jk you know that after my cousin died because of a fight I would never get in a fight. But really, i would most likely make a scene, and don't I make enough drama for myself anway?

So back to enrollment, with me searching for someone's help and my mother whining behind me I enter another hall. And then one of my worst nightmares came true. Rodent and his sister, looking straight at me. I did a quik double take and my heart and ego crashed into one another. And then like a good little girl i bolted out of there leaving my mother in the dust. I didn't stop until i reached the car. Actually, I bet that if my mother hadn't had the keys (and even though I don't have a permit or licence yet, sadley even though I'm gonna turn 17 soon!) i probably, most likley, okay, definitly in a freaken heart beat would have drove home and left my mother at school.

Hey, the woman has legs!