Wednesday, July 22, 2009


so here i am in a small dot of a town in the middle of mexico that makes my town seem like new york. Damn this place is so mexican that when i got a hamburger (last time i came they didn`t even know what a freaken hamburger was! so this is a major improvment)they put a pouch of chili sauce in my bag. and i was like what the hell? who would eat a freaken hamburger with CHILI SAUCE! it`s a hamburger not a taco! anyway for the first few days i actually just stayed inside my grandma`s house. couped up with a book. but not by choice though, of course. the reason being my spanish speaking skills are none existente. my problem is that i can understand people speaking spanish but i can`t speak it. i know crazy, right? it`s like being freaken mute! but tuesday i finally got to go out with a cousin of mine who live here and she introduced me to a bunch of people. i even met two teens that could speak english too and it was such a relief it was like i found a lost friend. i even saw a few cute looking boys and that was extremely fun (even though ì haven`t truely recovered by who shall remain nameless!).

i had lot`s of fun yesturday it was almost like i was actually feeling like a normal teenager. it was nice. so nice actualloy that i cried that night. of happiness and sadness because it`s gonna end soon. like christmas. lol

on the bighter note i lost 12 pounds last month. yay me! not so bright is that everyone in this town does nothing but eat and i hate it. i mean like all my aunts are like, gome, gome. eat, eat. and i`m like no.

ha everyone thinks i`m like going anerexic and it`s getting on my nerves.
so yeah i gotta go this town only has computer cafe`s and i am paying for this and most of the keys are unfamiliar because it has all these spanish signs on it so bye!