Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson... R.I.P. My Future!!!

You would so not guess what happen to me this past week. First, i started my monday on the last day of summer school expeirencing dejavu, 2 times. Second, i dreamt a friend of mine that moved away last year would come back in 10th grade... the next day on myspace she's telling me she's coming back this school year. And last but definetly not least! Just a few days before Michael Jackson passed away... i (all out of freaken nowhere!!!) have a sudden urge to listen to Michael Jackson songs(epecially Billy Jean). I couldn't get enough of it and then he up and dies out of nowhere!!! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.

Ok, subject change as of now. My future has gone and turn into serious dog poopy. I managed to get a 2.8 for my GPA in 9th grade, not that bad, right. Considering how stupid kids are now these days. But my dream school has been NYU since i first began to read the Jessica Darling series (okay so she dreams of going to Columbia but let's be realistic people) and since then i wanted to go to NYU. I mean i can feel in my gut that it's the school for me. But after predicting my grades (at their best like straight A's and B's) for the rest of my school years and going to more summer school to change three other grades in my freshman year into A's... i only managed to get a 3.5! Which to pretty much garuntee admission i would have to get a 3.6.

Crap. Shit. Fuck! (And i am not a fuck kind of person, i mean in word wise)

There should be a cure to stupidity! Scentist should create some sort of meds for it. Why do my dreams have to be handicaped by my brain? This is cruel and unusual punishment!

The bright side is Pace university requires at least a 3.0. I'm not sure about CCNY but it's probably the same... there could possibly be a chance that i could get into one of those universties and then wait a year there and then try to get into NYU from there...

Hey, i can dream, right?