Saturday, September 11, 2010

Me and My Usual Craziness

I smell like dog.
I've spent three hours with a bunch of dogs and puppies for this dog adoption Petsmart was having in my city. I volunteered to walk and play with the dogs for volunteer hours for a club at my school. It was fun hanging out with friends and I only managed to step on a little piece of poo the whole time there.
On recent update: Summer has passed which I spent for two weeks in Mexico half in the cute tourist city of Puerto Vallarta and the other half in my grandparent's small town in the country which I got to bring my best friend with me and two girl cousins of mine who are close in age also went.
I've spent about a month or so in school so far and here's my schedule:
Ceramics 1
AP Language and Composition
AP Environmental Science
Algebra 2
AP World History
That's right, count them, I'm in three AP classes. Originally I was only going to be in one which was AP Language and Composition because I assumed it would help for what I would plan on majoring in once I was in college, which it will... if it doesn't totally ruin me and my spirit for writing in the process. Yet once I was at in enrollment I became too overly cocky when I thought about how my A in U.S. history never budged and then came to the conclusion that I would transfer into AP World History than take regular World History. Why the hell not? I asked myself rhetorically. Later after school started I was later convinced by a few friends that I should also transfer into AP Environmental Science instead of regular Environmental Science and seeing as how i was only one of the three juniors in my class, the rest being sophomores I decided that I would indeed switch into the notoriously easy AP class that was filled with more juniors and seniors than sophomores. No offense to 10Th graders all and all.
And in conclusion: AP Environmental is an okay class that I have a barely there A in yet I shall admit this now that AP World, after my first quiz in the first weekend of school, swiped that smug little grin off my face and answered my mainly rhetorical question at enrollment: Why the hell not? Answer: Because life isn't all "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows", sorry Leslie Gore. But then again it is "my party and I'll cry if I want to". But I am glad to tell you that after two F's and one D on a quiz I am finally beating the system. I got a C this last Thursday and I have no doubt that later I am going to be making A's.
I mean I need to be making A's this year, I have no choice. Junior year is the year colleges are going to be mainly looking at because that's the last completed year a person has finished when colleges are accepting them in senior year. Plus, after my calculations of my grades I would need to make straight A's this year and my senior year to at least have a 3.3 GPA.
Ha, how funny that the number 3 is my life number in numerology.
On other news: I finally spoke to the boy that broke my heart in freshman year. Only took a year and one month to do it. I think that deserves a round of applause, I mean that's quicker than never, right? And believe me... never was a definite possibility.
It was yesterday at school after my sixth hour class of AP World History which I shared with him and AP Language & Composition (tell you that complicated story later) and after two weeks of avoiding each other quite awkwardly I finally, agonizingly, spoke to the boy. I was in the hall outside my classroom, he was a few people behind me, alone, with no friends hanging around to discourage me and so I chose to slow my pace to snail-like speed until he was close to my side. My heart was beating rapidly, my brain wouldn't stop rambling things like, Do it! Just do it! Open your mouth and do it!!!! He can't ignore you forever and you can't ignore him forever either! Do it! For Lord's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and I also felt light headed for the most part.
But then I did it, I spun over to face him and said in a very high voice, my little girl voice that I usually use for adults I don't know or know that well and when I'm shy, "Hi, (insert his name here)!" With a bright smile on my face.
I was smiling to cover the fact that this was one of the most mortifying things I have ever done in my life so far.
I admit I caught the poor boy off guard and had sucky timing as well because he was on the phone then and about to make a call. "Uh, hi..." He managed to respond to me, a surprised expression on his face.
And then, because my damned overly politeness I harbored, not wanting to interrupt his call, I left it at that and resumed my way towards the disgusting school buses that my parents insist on making me use as transportation to getting home because sadly I still don't have my car.
Once I had gotten on the bus and found a seat with an underclassmen I mumbled, imagining that I was talking to him, "Was it as awkward for you as it was for me?," my imaginary crush then answered, "Yes, it certainly was."
I stared gloomily out the window the rest of the ride to my house.
Later that night I went with my friend to my school football game that they were having against my school's arch rival. For hell's sake we both wrote our school's mascot's name on our cheeks and for the first time I got into the game and screamed and clapped and danced when we made a touchdown with the rest of my high school. I don't know what got into me last night. Maybe it was the energy raging within the crowd, maybe it was the Powerade I was downing during the game (the concession had no more water and I didn't stand in a mob of sweaty people and a tall boy's butt against my stomach that was in front of me the majority of the time for Lord knows how long, for nothing) or maybe it was the two cute Chinese exchange students that I was looking at and were also looking at me that gave me that energy. All I know is that I reached a higher octave in my voice when I was yelling. A senior boy painted in our school colors in front of me on the bleachers turned around after one very high and long one and looked at me in bewilderment for a second before yelling, YEAH! and high fiving me in the process.
Huh, who knew being part of the crowd could be so fun?
After my school won and my friend and I were getting into my mom's car a group of the other school's students were yelling to no one particular that my school was stupid and that their school was still the best. I was on such a high I rolled down my window and called out to them, "U suck!" this was funny because the school involved the letter U because the school's name put much definition in the first letter of their school name. They had a giant U on their football field, too.
That was really weird for me to do, what was evev weirder, though, was that my mom called out similar things, too, to them.
Well, that's a story to tell my future kids if I ever have any.